Overview of Fujian

Fujian, with a short name “Min”, is a province on the southeast coast of mainland China, and faces the Taiwan Island with Taiwan Strait in between. Integrated by mountains and the sea, Fujian owns the same root shared by both Min and Taiwan people with various folk cultures so there are a lot of highlights waiting to experience and discover. The impression of Fujian Tourism varies from tourist to tourist. The full bloom flowers in spring, the melting hot under the sun in summer, the invigorating autumn and the eyeful sights and sounds in warm winter are all presented to you by Fujian Tourism.[more]
Hot Spot
  • Fuzhou
  • Xiamen
  • Quanzhou
  • Zhangzhou
  • Putian
  • Sanming
  • Nanping
  • Longyan
  • Ningde
  • Pingtan
  • Three Lanes and Seven Alleys
  • West Lake Park
  • Eighteen Creeks
  • Mawei Shipyard Museum
  • Drum Mountain
  • Fuzhou National Forest Park
  • Huli Hill Cannon Fort
  • Island Ring Road
  • Nanputuo Temple
  • Xiamen University
  • Zengcuo'an
  • Gulangyu Islet
  • Chongwu Ancient Town
  • Kaiyuan Temple
  • Niumu Forest
  • Qingjing Mosque
  • Anxi Qingshui Crag
  • Qingyuan Mountain
  • Dongshan Island
  • Volcanic Island
  • Nanjing Tulou
  • Taxia Village
  • Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster
  • Yunshuiyao Ancient Town
  • The Ewei Mountain Shenshi Park
  • Jiulihu
  • Jiulong Valley Forest Park
  • Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple
  • Southern Shaolin Temple of Putian
  • Meizhou Island
  • Nectar Rock Temple
  • Golden Lake
  • Minister's Residential Complex
  • Taining World Geological Park
  • Yuhua Cavern
  • Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern
  • Impression Da Hong Pao
  • Xiameigu Dwellings
  • Heavenly Tour Peak
  • Nine-Bend Stream
  • Heping Ancient Town
  • Wuyishan
  • Peitian Ancient Village
  • Hakka Earthen Dwelling Folk Culture ..
  • Guanzhi Mountain
  • Gutian Congress Memorial Hall
  • Chuxi Hakka Earthen Dwellings
  • Yongding Earthen Dwellings
  • Baishuiyang
  • Beiqi
  • Yangjia Stream
  • Dayushan Island
  • Yuanyang Stream
  • Taimu Mountain Resort
  • East China Sea Wonderland
  • Longfengtou Bathing Beach
  • Shipaiyang
  • Tangyu Island
  • Tannanwan
  • Pingtan Haitan National Scenic Zone
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  • Amazing Heavenly Tour Peak, Crystal Nine-Bend Stream

    Tired of crowded tourists when traveling and of line up for a long time waiting to visit an attraction? Then go to Heping Town, an old town with beautiful landscape but less tourists. It is definitely a good place for you!

    Heping is a quaint little town in the border of Fujian and Jiangxi, and a place you would never miss if you travel in Shaowu. Perhaps an ordinary old town is not so attractive for you, after all, in the south there are many such town featuring green walls and black tiles. Yet Heping Town in Shaowu is definitely worth of a visit.
  • Wuyuanwan Wetland Park, the“lungs”of Xiamen

    Xiamen is a true beautiful coastal city. If you have been to Xiamen, I bet you must have been to Gulangyu Islet and to Island Ring Road. And this time, I want to take you to experience the different beauty of Xiamen

    Compared with the crowded famous scenic spots, Wuyuanwan Wetland Park may be not so well known. But you will definitely consider it a worthy trip.
    Best reason for travel: spring and summer
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