Go Out And Meet Beautiful Fujian
  • Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province, has left many colorful marks over time. You will definitely be shocked by the historical background of Fuzhou when you are shuttling through the pavement in Three Alleys and Seven Lanes, standing still by the torrent of Min river, wandering among the shadows of the National Forest Park, climbing up the Gushan mountain and Guling ridge with delicately beautiful sceneries, seeking the touching stories behind the Mawei shipbuilding culture and Pagoda Anchorage Park.

  • Many tourists are deeply impressed by the pleasant moments in the Egret Island, another name of Xiamen. The bustling street view and the delicious food flocks together in Zhongshan Road Street while the piano island outshines others and is full of emotional appeal and Xiamen University embraces both Chinese and West culture so as to make it second to none with its unique scenery, the Island Ring Road is famous for the fresh air and full attraction to the visitors. As the saying goes, so many stories have happened in this city, would you like to take a visit and enjoy a memorable time here?

  • ‘A land flowing with milk and honey, flower and fruit’ is named to Zhangzhou City because it is a prestigious land of fruits and seafood. Besides, the spiritual mountains and blue water of The Knot located in Nanjing County and the unique Chinese national geologic park of strand and Volcano Island locating here in Zhangzhou is waiting for your visit.

  • Quanzhou, the starting point of the Marine Silk Road, retains its historical and cultural heritage representing by the Fujian Nanyin music, the Southern Drama, the Southern Shaolin Monastery and the Southern Architecture, with all of these showing the neighbors separated only by a strip of water between Fujian and Taiwan. Making a cup of Kungfu tea with the local old men under the arcade building, looking for the tasty southern Fujian snacks in the streets, these are not in dreams because you will see a scroll painting full of life unfurling in front of if you visit Quanzhou.

  • Sanming Taining of Big Lake, enjoy the "Barry hills, the spirit world crown" reputation. Mother Nature, where the shape of thousands of forged and magical scenery. Canyons, mountains, caves, cliffs, it is fascinating; mountains, green water, birds, flowers, can be described as things grow.

  • Putian city, locating in the middle of Fujian province is the political, economic and culture center in the old days. And now as the Mazu culture center of the world, the new port city of the west coast of the Taiwan Straits, Putian has the honor of “a historic town with rich culture and costal city with Zou and Lu on the Seaside”. Having three large bays, namely Meizhou Bay, Xinghua Bay and Pinghai Bay, Putian is blessed with the exceptional advantages of beautiful costal scenery and natural resources. It offers an access into southern scenery of a fabled abode of immortals in the fairyland with wonderful waves rolling in and Fishing Junks at Sunset to the world.

  • The northern Fujian Mountains belts, mainly the Wuyishan Mountain range is famous for its magnificent Danxia landscape and distinct Karst limestone formation. It is widely spoken by the people that the north China is famous for the Mountain Tai while the southern China is known for the Wuyishan Mountain. The Wuyishan Mountain, worthy of the natural and cultural heritages of the world, locating in Nanping city is well-known to all by the Peaks tower, steep stone stairway, picturesque scenery, outstanding people and smart land. Ascending a height to enjoy a distant view at the top of Tianyou Peak, visiting Jiuqu River ( River of Nine Bends) Bamboo-Rafting, tasting a pot of Da Hong Pao tea which is full of fragrance, all of them are the experience that can’t be missed if you visit Wuyishan Mountain Scenic Resort.

  • Golden Lake, enjoying a reputation as “hundreds miles of lakes and mountains which are the finest under the heaven” is located in Taining County, Sanming city. It is the uncanny workmanship of nature to forge the elegance and magic sceneries of various hues. Gorges, peaks, grottos and the cliffs here are really fascinating, meanwhile, the green mountains, green flows, singing birds and sweet-scented flowers indicate how the living things growing on earth.

  • Surrounded by mountains and sea at eastern Fujian, Ningde city also owns many places of interest like Sandu bay which is known as “Pearl on the sea”, Taimu Mountain in Fuding city which is known as “great city on the sea”, and the Carp Stream in Zhouning County famous for “harmony between human and fish”. Xiapu County is also a great attraction which deserves a tour and photo-taking.

  • Pingtan island, which is with the shortest distance to Taiwan Island in the mainland and also the biggest island in Fujian province, No. 5th biggest island in China is called Maldives of Fujian. The bright sunshine here especially in the summer season is worth a visit.

The impression of Fujian Tourism varies from tourist to tourist. The full bloom flowers in spring, the melting hot under the sun in summer, the invigorating autumn and the eyeful sights and sounds in warm winter are all presented to you by Fujian Tourism. In addition to experience the comfortable and leisure moments during the Fujian Tourism, who would deny that this land of genius deserves to be named as a blessed land?