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Spring (from March to May)
In the bright and beautiful spring, you can go outing and enjoy flowers or go on a scenery tour outdoors. In Gulangyu, an island full of artistic ambience, you can go sightseeing, have snacks, and explore the honor of world architectures expo. In antique Yunshuiyao, you can appreciate peculiar buildings, old banyan trees, and go sketching. The Nanjing or Yongding Tulou (earth buildings) has picturesque scenery and tremendous unique style. Taining Golden Lake gives you a special fresh feeling which tells you there are also great landscapes in Northwest Fujian.
Summer (from June to August)
In spite of the hot weather, it is still a great time for coming close to the nature. Changtai Rafting is hot in the season, and Bamboo Rafting in Wuyi Mountain attracts many visitors. The white beach in Xiamen, the beach bath and resorts in Pingtan Island, the Taimu mountain scenic region in Fuding, and Baishuiyang (geological landscape) in Pingnan county are definitely refreshing places for you to have fun with waters! By the way, if you are going to visit Fuzhou where is as hot as “stove”, please be prepared for the sunstroke.
Autumn (From September to November)
The weather is getting cooler with some possible rainy days in the end of August and hot days covering central Fujian in early autumn. Despite the unstable weather, there is basically no place which is not suitable for a tour. On the contrary, you can just let it be and take a good look at the beautiful natural scenery. Here we recommend Guling mountain in Fuzhou, Guanzai Mountain in Liancheng, Dongshan Island in Zhangzhou, Chongwu ancient town in Hui’an and Yangjia Stream in Xiapu county.
Winter (From December to February)
During the season, it’s around 10℃ in average. If you prefer warmer places,south Fujian will be a good choice. You can go to the beach and enjoy flowers in Xiamen, have hot spring spa and snacks in Fuzhou or Zhangzhou, or climb Qingyuan Mountain and appreciate South Fujian architecture in Quanzhou. When the weather gets colder, it is even possible to watch snow in Pucheng or Wuyishan in north Fujian.