Enjoy the tasty flavor with your tongue
Fujian cuisine is famous for seafood and woodland delicacies, especially for skilled cooking of seafood. Its features are strictly selected ingredients, particular cooking method, accurate flavoring and elegant looking. The soup is the essence of Fujian cuisine because of the saying “One broth can be changed into numerous (ten) forms, one hundred broths have one hundred flavors”. As one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine, Fujian cuisine was originated in Fuzhou, then developed into three styles, namely Fuzhou Cuisine, Southern Fujian Cuisine and Western Fujian Cuisine.
Fuzhou Cuisine is light, fresh and tasty, with sweet and sour taste. Most of the dishes are soups. The representative dishes are “Buddha jumps over the wall”, “Clams in chicken soup”, Litchi Pork, fish maw soup, mashed chicken and shark’s lip soup, and shredded chicken and bird’s nest. There are also some snacks full of local features, like fish balls, meat yanpi, Ding Pian Hoo and mashed taro.
Min nan
Southern Fujian cuisine mainly originated from Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou. It is special in umami taste, fresh and light, fine seasoning and spicy, especially in using shacha sauce, mustard and fresh fruit. The representative dishes showing strong Southern Fujian flavor are steamed snapper, stir fried beef with shacha sauce, red cooked tendons of beef, boiled sirloin with angelica sinensis, and Jiahe crisp chicken.
Min xi
Western Fujian cuisine is prevailing in regions where speaks Hakka language. It is featured in fresh and strong flavor, skilled cooking of woodland food, slightly saltier and oiler than other two styles. The ginger and spicy seasoning is generally used. The representative dishes indicating traditional food habit in mountain areas are stir fried field mouse, boiled milt, braised rock frog, stir fried fresh mushroom, honeycomb-shaped lotus nuts, fried dried tofu strips, steamed dog meat and pig tripe and instant-boiled nine parts of beef.