Come here, Min-Tai together
  • For Fujian, Taiwan is a nearby land that seems to be far-away. The two places have inherited mutual affection for each other. The nearest distance from Fuzhou to Taiwan is 68 miles, 18 miles to Kinmen and 34 miles to Matsu. From Xiamen to Kinmen, the shortest distance is only 1800 meters across the strait, which takes only 30 minutes by boat. Separated by a narrow strip of water, the two lands are so far yet so near.

  • Taiwan’s outlying islands--attraction you won’t want to miss--have the most ancient history, the most laid-back life, the most scenic sea view and the most profound culture. Memories of war feature Kinmen, isolated enchantment features Matsu, surging waves feature Penghu, ancient legends feature Ryukyu, simple folkway features Lanyu, supernatural workmanship features Green Land. They’re pearls scattered by Taiwan for appreciation.

  • At present, including Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Longyan, up to 47 cities have opened self-service traveling access to Taiwan. In the face of such a popular tour wave, it’s suggested to apply for Taiwan Pass and entrance permit at least one month in advance for fear of delaying your itinerary.