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  • Located in Pingtan County, Fujian Province, this national scenic zone is the closest resort to Taiwan, and is a natural scenic zone featured by sandy beaches and marine abrasion landform constituted by granite rocks. The scenic zone covers 1

  • Tannanwan is the most beautiful gulf in Pingtan County with clean, blue water and soft sands on beach. The beach is 22 kilometers long and is still uncultivated now. The gulf enjoys the reputation of "the platinum coast". There ar1

  • Located at the south end of Pingtan Island, Tangyu Island is under the governance of Nanhaixiang. It is a long and narrow island. The south end of the haven-like island is a beach which looks like a crescent moon. There is a coastline of mo1

  • Banyangshifan Rock is called Shibeiyang by local people in Pingtan County. The rock looks like a sailing boat standing on the sea and it becomes a landmark of Haitan Island. Travelers of the different epochs all surprised by this scene and 1

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  • My roommate told me that Pingtan is very beautiful and people there are simple and honest. As China's fifth largest island, Pingtan is known as "Small Maldives" in Fujian, with the shortest distance between the mainland and Taiwan. So I decided to travel Pingtan during Qingming Festival.We took a train to Fuzhou, and then went to Pingtan by bus (fare: RMB 50, about two hours). The journey was very smooth all the way. When we arrived at Pingtan, we lived in a street near the Longfengtou Batching Beach.Please note: At each scenic spot, you need to return to the place where you get off the bus before 5:30 p.m. to take the last bus back to the county. After visiting each spot, you must return to the county, and then depart from the county for the next.Pingtan County has two stati1

  • "Pingtan Island breeds no grass but stones, with sand blown by the wind and blockhouse-like houses..." The old folk song depicts the deserted history of Pingtan Island. Pingtan Island is rich in granite, so local people build houses with rich granite resources. Blockhouse-like stone houses form the original ecological landscape with simple and unsophisticated postures. They are not only the folk houses with unique style, but also the survival wisdom of island ancestors during their fights with the nature. Missed by island sons and daughters who go to the outside world for careers, these stone houses also become a new tourist attraction of Pingtan.The followings are some lesser-known places to watch stone houses.Yuxian Village, Dalian TownshipDalian Township is located in the nort1

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