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  • Off the coast of Xiamen, in southeast China, Kulangsu (also known as Gulangyu) is not exactly your average Chinese village.First of all, the tiny island, with just 4,000 households, is completely free of cars and bikes, aside from the occas1

  • Located in the south of Xiamen, Zengcuo’an, a time honored place, borders Huangcuo at Baishi Cannon Fort in the east and extends to Huli Hill Cannon Fort in the west, to Island Ring Road in the South, facing Dadan Island across the sea and1

  • Neighboring hills and sea, Xiamen University is next door to Nanputuo Temple on one side and faces amazing beach and Huli Hill Cannon Fort on the other, honored as one of the most beautiful universities in China. It is a peaceful and romant1

  • Situated at the foot of Wulaofeng (Mountain of Five Old Men) in Downtown Xiamen, South Putuo Temple is famous in South Fujian or even throughout the country. It occupies a total area of 258 square kilometers and a construction area of 21,271

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  • Xiamen is a pleasant city where you can stay with great comfort. I paid a visit to Xiamen in January, and compared with the northern area in such winter period, Xiamen still seemed very vibrant, and the weather was not as cold as I expected.Surely one should never avoid Gulangyu Islet when he visits Xiamen. As one of China's most famous islands, Gulangyu Islet boasts numerous good attractions. Following it, Nanputuo Temple and Xiamen University, where you can experience the peace of old temple and prestigious style of study, are also very popular spots. Finally, you can thoroughly enjoy the charm of seawater and sandy beach of Xiamen.Gulangyu Islet is the site you never miss when you are in Xiamen. And the first stop of our trip is the very Gulangyu IsletNow non-local tourists have to 1

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  • As an extension line of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, the Railway Cultural Park, the old railroad once abandoned for many years, after repairs in recent years, now is re-opened as a cultural park to tell the story of Yingtan-Xiamen railway Xiamen section.The weather was very good at the weekend; the sun on the sky and and all varieties of bougainvillea blooming on both sides of the park add much vitality to the quiet old railroad. There are many entrances to the railway part and this one is one of them. The path beside is leading to four scenic spots, namely, Wanshi Park, Jinbang Park, Seaside Park and Zhongshan Park.Twisted banana leaves, pressing against each other layer by layer but having clear texture.The side walls of the tunnel show the development history of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, 1

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