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  • Located in Putian, Fujian, this national AAAA scenic zone and national tourism & holiday resort is about 42 kilometers from the city center of Putian and 72 sea miles from Taichung Port of Taiwan. Covering a land area of 14.35 squa1

  • Located about 16 kilometers to the northwest of Putian City, the Southern Shaolin Temple was built in the first year of Yongding o1

  • Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple Scenic Spot is located at the northern end of Meizhou Island, Putian City. It’s about 40 kilometers away from the southeast Putian City. The temple is the ancestor temple of over 6,000 fenling temples for Mazu 1

  • The Jiulong Valley Tourist Resort is known as “the Back Garden of Putian City”. It covers the land of over tens of kilometers and 95% of it is covered by forests.There are ridges and peaks all over the spot with thick trees and old vines.1

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  • Why Meizhou Island? Three reasons: incredibly blue sea, magnificent temples, and enchanting stories of Mazu.  Fujian has a sea goddess - Mazu (Lin Moniang), who is not a stranger to fishermen in coastal areas. Mazu, a goddess in China's South-East coastal areas, enjoys 200 million followers around the world. Mazu Temple in Meizhou Island is the "headquarters" of all Mazu Temples in Fujian, Zhejiang, Taiwan, and even Southeast Asia, and is the recognized palace for Mazu by followers across the globe. Every March 23 (birthday of Mazu) and September 9 (Assumption Day of Mazu) on lunar calendar, numerous overseas Chinese come to Meizhou to worship Mazu. The unprecedented festival well demonstrates the position of Meizhou in Mazu Culture.Located in the mouth of Meizhou Bay, X1

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  • I first heard of Mulan Dam for its historical greatness in my first year of college but never got the chance to see it myself. At first, I believed that places that I knew but never visited were not worthwhile for a look, but then I found that some places are only worthy of a visit during right seasons. It seems that spring days are good for tour. Earlier, I knew some travel plan to Mulan Dam, but I didn't make it either for organizer or time.Finally, I got the time at a weekend, and left for Mulan Dam together with a big crowd. The organizer even prepared some plastic bags to prevent us from wet feet during strawberries picking. That's really nice. Our bus walked a long distance and finally stopped at the destination. Walking on winding country roads, we passed Liubu (Six Steps) B1

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