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  • Nine kilometers away from Yong’an City, the Cave is a mountain resort in Danxia landform. It was called Peach Spring Cave (Taoyuan Cave) since Wanli period of Ming Dynasty,and now is a national-level AAAA-grade, key tourist resort as well1

  • Yuhua Cave is a national key scenic area and historical site. Located at the bottom of Tianjie Mountain which is 5 kilometers southeast of Jiangle County, Yuhua Cave is the biggest limestone cave in Fujian Province.The cave is 6 kilometers 1

  • The landscape of Taining World Geopark is mainly Danxia landform and there are also granite landform landscape and human landscape. The Danxia landform starts from Tiancheng Rock in Longhu Town in the North, runs through Shangqing Stream, a1

  • Dating back to Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 BC), Taining Minister's Residential Complex (Shang Shu Di), commonly known as Five Happiness Halls (Wu Fu Tang), was the home of Li Chunye, the then Minister of War Ministry in charge of administ1

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  • How close the soul is to the nature indicates how far life is from the hustle and bustle. Far away from the hustle and bustle but not from the downtown, the Moon Creek-Sanming Hakka Cultural Park is known as the "most beautiful landscape masterpiece in Sanming riverside tourism galleries"! Purely pastoral, sun and rain, deep woods, green bamboo forests, colorful vanilla flowers and unsophisticated Hakka style, make your life begin to slow down and become sweet.The Moon Creek is committed to creating a comprehensive cultural tourism attraction integrating cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment, catering and accommodation, and conference and business, and with Hakka folk culture and ecology and culture of health preserving as the theme.Geteng'ao Film and Television Village1

  • Terraces are the greatest love of photographers. Yuanyang Terraces and Longji Terraces make many photographers lost in a reverie. People who have not been to Yuanyang will open eyes wide while talking of it, and those who have been to Yuanyuan all want to visit it again. Some even want to go there after eight visits. In contrast, Fujian Youxi Joint Terraces are still kept in purdah.Fujian is well known for "mountains occupying 80% of Fujian's land, water 10%, and fields another 10%." It also has a lot of terraces. According to China National Geographic, Fujian mainly has seven to eight terrains in different locations and of different types, including Youxi Joint Terraces, Shexiang Terraces in Ningde Houdun, Dangui Terrances of Pucheng, Wuling Terraces of Fuzhou Minqing, Ancie1

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