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  • This national key scenic spot located in the north suburb of Quanzhou is 2 km from the down town and directly accessible by bus. The sight is known as “No.1 Penglai Mountain in Fujian Province” and the “Back garden of Quanzhou”.The scen1

  • As National AAAA scenic spot and provincial-level culture relics, it is a tourist attraction and religious shrine, located on Penglai Mountain, 15 km northwest from the Anxi County suburb, the hometown of the Iron Buddha Tea. Covering a tot1

  • National key culture relics, it is located in the middle section of Tumen Street, Licheng District, covering an area of 2500 m2.Qingjing Mosque faces the street in the South, with a pointed dome roof. The dome has three layers: inside, midd1

  • As a National AAAA scenic spot and provincial natural reserve, it is located at Xiayang town, the west of Yongchun County, Quanzhou of Fujian Province.Niumu forest is the extension of Daiyun Mountain with an attitude of 1,105 meters. It is 1

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  • Qingyuan Mountain, as a symbol of Quanzhou City, has a stronger historical and cultural atmosphere than other attractions. First developed in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), Qingyuan Mountain thrived in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and peaked in the Song and Yuan Dynasties (960-1368). Centuries of development has left a large number of cultural relics and historic sites, among which the Lao Jun statue and Jiuri Mountain Pray-for-Wind Stone Inscriptions of the Song Dynasty are the most famous.Qingyuan Mountain enjoys many glistering titles including “Famous Mountain in China”, “China's Natural and Cultural Heritage”, “China's AAAAA Scenic Spot” and the “Holy Place of Taoist”. There is a saying that “Travelling around China and enlightening by Taoism in Qingyuan”. Qingyuan Mou1

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  • Hui'an women, a special group residing in Hui'an County of Quanzhou (Huidong Peninsula), are well-known for their distinct dresses and hard-working custom. Narrowly speaking, Hui'an women refer to women on the Huidong Peninsula, mainly in four towns in the east of Hui'an - Chongwu, Shanxia, Jingfeng and Xiaozuo, and they are actually part of a distinct Han Chinese community. Their yellow conical hats are just like UFO in the ancient times, flying through the time to modern days. To be more precise, Hui'an women don't include all women in Hui'an, but are limited to those growing up in coastal areas of Chongwu in the east of Hui'an.Shuttle buses are always available from Hui'an Country to Chongwu Fortress in the southeast coast of Fujian (40-minute drive).1

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