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  • A renowned scenic mountain village in China boasting long ancient roads, thousand-year old banyan trees, green mountains and lakes and fantastic Tulou, Yunshuiyao Ancient Town is an old village honored as Famous Historical Village of China,1

  • A key national cultural relics, it is a large scale residential building group, with a grand outlook. Standing on the middle of the mountain, facing the south, it is composed of five earth buildings. The square building, called Buyunlou (Cl1

  • In a small village with a peaceful brook, clusters of tulou (earthen structures) nestle in hills and waters where villagers enjoy tranquil lives here. This is Tamu Village, a wonderland.Exclaimed by attracted surveyor and scholars as a Wond1

  • Known for the long history, large quantity, magnificent size, amazing structure and unique style, Nanjing Tulous refer to the tulous (earthen structures) all over the hills of Nanjing County, Hua’an County, Pinghe County, Zhao’an County, 1

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  • Speaking of Zhangzhou, “Nanjing Earthen Dwellings", "Dongshan Island" and "Yun Shui Yao" are words that spring to mind. Liu'ao may not sound as familiar as these places, but you can never miss the blue sea here, just incredibly beautiful beyond imagination! Look!   I first heard of Liu'ao from pictures of a classmate at a weekend, and I was immediately captivated by seaside wind farms there. You won't believe that my trip to Liu'ao was just because of this picture.Transportation/Self-driving Tour: Transportation is the biggest challenge for visitors heading for Liu'ao. You can drive your car or take coach: There are two options for coach. Take the shuttle bus direct to Liu'ao at Hubinan Bus Hub. It is important to n1

  • Dongshan Island, called Tongshan Mountain in the past, is the second biggest island in Fujian Province. Nearly all who have visited Dongshan Island speak highly of it.Dongshan boasts clear sea, famous Feng Dong Shi (rolling rocks) and abundant seafood. Walking on the soft and white beaches of Dongshan Island, you can enjoy breezily windmills, lighthouses, sea, rocks, sky and sea birds in bright sunshine, or experience the fun of catching fish. It is OK that you pick up some fish on the beach as fishermen draw their net. Can't wait to visit here, right?Dongshan sliding rock is a natural wonder that local people boast and treasure most, and also the most popular attraction.  When strong wind blows, these rocks will jiggle but never fall down.Alternatively, you can walk through a lon1

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