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  • Wuyi Mountain consists of a group of low hills, which are made up of red gravel rocks and is featured by Danxia landform. Due to the movement of the earth’s crust, the continuous change of landform results in its exclusive sceneries look l1

  • Heping Town is located in the mountainous border of Shaowu City. The town has a well preserved ancient street which is rarely seen in the whole country of China, and is regarded as “the First Street in Fujian”.Heping Town boasts not only 1

  • Nine-Bend Stream originates from the Southwest foot of Huanggang Mountain, the main peak of Wuyi Mountain, and is located inside the hidden valley. It is named for its three turns and nine bends.The stream zigzags from west to the east and 1

  • Heavenly Tour Peak sits north to the Six-Bend and the center of the scenic zone. It neighbours Xianyou Rock in the east, Xianzhang Peak in the west, and stands upright above all peaks. As the first ray of the morning sun comes after raining1

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  • Wuyi Mountain tourist area of typical Danxia landform boasts its splendid mountains and waters. By the hand of nature, unique landscape of many peaks, stream bends and rocks are formed in this Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. And the visit to Nanping was to tour Wuyi Mountain which impressed me greatly for the first time, and especially the Heavenly Tour Peak, is really worthy of the name. I called it a worthwhile trip!Below are some eye-pleasing pictures first showed for you.Heavenly Tour PeakJade Maiden PeakCrown Peak I stayed in Lantiang Village during the three-day tour. The routes of the tour are as follows:Day 1: Morning: Water Curtain Cave – Rocks and Flower Fragrances crawlerway - Big Red Robe – Lantang VillageRoute: To save money, I did not buy shuttle tickets for travel wit1

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  • The Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway launches a “China’s most beautiful high-speed line along world-heritage site”, and along the line there are many scenic spots including Wuyi Mountain, Mount Huang, Wuyuan and Sanqing Mountain.day1. Shanghai→Wuyi MountainThis day is not detailed here. Anyhow it was packing my luggage, and brought the backpack and waist bag and took the Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed rail to set out for the trip.day2. Tiger Roaring Crag→ A Thread of SkyAfter the breakfast, we headed to the south gate of the scenic spot by taking Bus No. 6. The bus ticket is charged based on the travel distance and it takes one yuan to travel from the south of Sangu Resort to the south gate of the scenic spot. You need to prepare some one-yuan banknotes or coins for taking the bus, because yo1

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