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  • Yongding Hakka Earthen Dwellings are a type of civil housing unique to China and well recognized for its long history, distinctive style, grand size, exquisite structure, complete functions and rich content. They are one of the kind among C1

  • Fifty kilometers to the county seat of Yongding, it is located in Chuxi Village, Xiayang Town, Yongding County, Fujian Province. Chuxi Earth Building Complex is composed of five round buildings and dozens of square buildings with major scen1

  • From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. The Gutian Congress Memorial Hall is located at Gutian Town of Shanghang County in Longyan, and it was formerly the Ancestral Hall of Liao Family (also known as Wanyuan Ancestral Hall) built in 1

  • As an AAAA-level national scenic zone and a major scenic resort of the country and located near 1.5-kilometer-landmark of Chengdong, Liancheng County, Fujian Province, Guanzhai Mountain is a scenic zone of typical Danxia landform. It has be1

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  • Spring Festival is coming. People want to go to the remote and easeful Fenghuang Ancient Town, but it is too far and crowded. Actually, Fenghuang is not the only option of ancient town. Today the editor will take you to walk into the ancient town in west Fujian with ancient and vicissitudinous city wall. At gentle and leisure time, you can enjoy intoxicating ancient street, temple, mill, road…Residences in PeitianPeitian Residences Peitian Residences refer to the ancient residences of Ming and Qing Dynasties located in Liancheng County in mountainous areas of the west Fujian. With 800 years of history, this ancient village has comparatively complete reservation of ancient residences of Ming and Qing Dynasties in China currently. Comparable with the Yongding Tulou and Meizhou Weilongwu (cl1

  • Yongding Hakka Tulou is worth seeing, it is dated from the Tang Dynasty and gradually accepted by the local people at the turning of Yuan and Ming Dynasties. According to the introduction of tour guide, the construction of Tulou (earth building) was related to the defending against the invasion of bandits of south Fujian at that time. It was always the solid self-defense fort of Hakka people.Walking in along the gate of Hongkeng Village spot, the first thing that catches our eyeballs is Zhencheng Building. The tour guide told us it is the largest round Tulou in the Hongkeng Village Tulou cluster and known as “Tulou Prince”. Many buildings in the Yongding Hakka Tulou cluster were designed based on eight-trigram diagram and the Zhencheng Building is the most typical representative.Zhenchen1

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