Tannan Cove Seashore Holiday Resort of Pingtan County
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Project Sponsor Pingtan County Tourism Bureau and the Management Committee of Haitan Scenic Area

Site of the Project: Tannan Cove.

In Charge of the Project
Person in Charge of the Project: Gao Yong
Tel: 0591-24336542, 24397966
Mobile phone: 13906922966

Reasons and Conditions for Construction
There are total 9 high quality seaside beaches in Tannan Cove, including, Dabeiao, Xiaobeiao, Tianmeiao, Qishaao, etc. The cove is divided into several small parts by capes differed in size. The scenery is fine, with central region flat and wide, clean seawater without pollution. It is a first-class resort for vacation, recreation and sea sports domestically.

Scale and Contents for Construction
Tannan Cove Scenic Spot is one of the six main scenic spots of Haitan National Park. The total area is about 13 km2. The first phase plans to use land of 3 km2 for construction of facilities for vacation, recreational villa, high-grade tourist hotel, bathing beach and recreation.

Total Investment 15 million US dollars.

Mode of Investment: sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperative operation.

Economic Benefit Analysis: Estimated investment profit is to be 25%, and the investment recovery period is to be 4 years.

Progress of Preliminary Work: Detailed plan of the whole scenic spot has been completed and the transport lines within the spot have also been put to use.

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