Three Lanes and Seven Alleys AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    free, but tickets required for some attractions
  • Address:
    East Side of Nanhoujie, Gulou, Fuzhou
  • Telephone:
  • Opening hours:
    accessible to the public space all day long, but 8:30-17:00 for attractions requiring tickets
  • Play time:
  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details

Three Lanes & Seven Alleys is the brief name for 10 lanes & alleys ranging from the north side to the east side of Nanhou Street. Locating in the heart of Fuzhou City, those lanes and alleys are neighboring Bayiqi North Road on the east, Tonghu Road on the west, Yangqiao Road on the north and Jipi Alley and Guanglu Lane on the south, covering a total area of hectares. The three lanes refer to Yijin Lane, Wenru Lane and Guanglu Lane, while the seven alleys refer to Yangqiao Alley, Langguan Alley, Ta Alley, Huang Alley, Anmin Alley, Gong Alley and Jipi Alley. As Jiqi Alley, Yangqiao Alley and Guanglu Lane have been reconstructed into driveways, now only two lanes and five alleys are preserved. Despite this fact, this century-old block is crisscrossed by ancient lanes and alleys paved with slabstones and decorated with white walls and grey tiles. Those delicate buildings not only embody the brilliance of ancient workmen, but also the vivid lives of residents of this ancient city. As the heart of Min River culture, there are extensive cultural relics and historic sites in this block, including former residence of famous persons and architectures of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. It is compared to a great museum of antique buildings of these two dynasties.