Yongding Earthen Dwellings AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 90 for Hongkeng Scenic Spot, RMB 50 for Nanxi and Gaobei Scenic Spots each, and RMB 70 for Chuxi Scenic Spot
  • Address:
    Fengcheng Town, Yongding County, Longyan
  • Telephone:
  • Opening hours:
  • Play time:
  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details

Yongding Hakka Earthen Dwellings are a type of civil housing unique to China and well recognized for its long history, distinctive style, grand size, exquisite structure, complete functions and rich content. They are one of the kind among China's traditional civil buildings, and known as “Shining Star of the Oriental” and one of the 8 Major Tourism Brands of Fujian.

If Yongding is considered as China's Hakka earthen dwellings museum without a gate, then Yongding Folk Culture Scenic Area is the museum of Yongding Hakka Earthen Dwellings in a nutshell. Earthen dwellings inside are arranged in picturesque disorder along the creek and blend in with the mountains, the waters, the bamboos, the bridges, the waterwheels and the farmlands to present a splendid view.