Taimu Mountain Resort AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 115
  • Address:
    Taimu Mountain, 975 County Avenue, Qinyu Town, Ningde-Fuding City
  • Telephone:
  • Opening hours:
  • Play time:
  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details

It is a major scenic resort of the country and a national geology park located in Fuding City which borders Fujian and Zhejiang, 118 kilometers to Wenzhou, Zhejiang in the north, 200 kilometers to Fuzhou in the south. And it covers a total area of 300 square kilometers. 

Peaks of Taimu Mountain are odd and precipitous. Most of them are 500-1000 meters high above sea level. There are 54 peaks and 360 sights in total. Reputed as the Place of Celestial Beings and Buddha by the ancients, it is a time honored famous mountain of culture with a great number of historic relics and spots. There are major scenic spots of Taimu Sacred Mountain, Qingchuan Seacoast, Fuyao Isles, Jiuli Stream Waterfalls, Cuijiao Ancient Village Houses etc.