Pingtan Haitan National Scenic Zone AAAAA

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    West of the stone stele in Dianjiaodi Village, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area, Fujian Provi
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    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details

Located in Pingtan County, Fujian Province, this national scenic zone is the closest resort to Taiwan, and is a natural scenic zone featured by sandy beaches and marine abrasion landform constituted by granite rocks. The scenic zone covers a total area of 71 square kilometers, including a total land area of 49 square kilometers, and boasts the best sandy beaches and the best marine abrasion landform in China.

The scenic zone owns four bays and 28 top-class sandy beaches, covering a total length of 30 kilometers and a total area of approximate 6,670 square kilometers. The most notable marine abrasion landscapes include: "Banyang Rock Sail", "East Ocean Wonderland" and "Haitan God". Those unique rocks are so close together that they form an amazing rock forest. The scenic zone offers yachts to the Rock Sail, ferryboats to the Haitan God, Circle Island yachts, offshore powerboats, aerotow gliding aircrafts and other maritime recreational facilities. Since 2003, the annually held International Sand Sculpture Festival, Haitan Narcissus Festival and Fishermen Flavor Snacks Festival have attracted extensive visitors.