Gulangyu Islet AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    package ticket for five-sightseeing sites: RMB 100; ticket for outside visitor: RMB 35, ticket for local visitor: RMB 8
  • Address:
    Gulangyu Islet, Siming District, Xiamen City
  • Telephone:
  • Opening hours:
    all day long
  • Play time:
  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


As an AAAA-level national scenic zone and a major scenic resort of the country, it is located at the southwest corner of Xiamen and faces Xiamen Island across the 500-meter-wide Egret River. Its surrounding sea area constitutes the main body of Xiamen Port, with Chinese white dolphins(Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins) Conservation Area, lancelets Conservation Area and Dayu Island Egrets Conservation Area nearby, and Kinmen Isles across the sea. 


Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Bright Moon Garden, Seabed World, Yu Park, Huangdao Road, Gulang Stone, Natural Bathing Beach, etc are main scenic spots on the island with an area of 1.87 square kilometers. Owing to historical causes,there are consulates of 13 countries such as Britain, USA etc, and churches, residence, foreign firms, schools and so on built one after another by missionaries and wealthy merchants from various countries. 

3.jpgOn the small island, buildings of differing styles of China and foreign countries are well integrated and well preserved up till now. So it got the name of "World Architecture Museum". "Gulang Piano Festival" held every two years, annual “American Music Week" and "Mid-autumn Mooncake Game Festival" have become pieces of gilded name cards to attract overseas tourists.