Yunshuiyao Ancient Town 0A

  • Ticket:
    a package ticket for Yunshuiyao, Huaiyuan Building and Hegui Building: RMB 90 /person
  • Address:
    a package ticket for Yunshuiyao, Huaiyuan Building and Hegui Building: RMB 90 /person
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  • Opening hours:
    all day long
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
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A renowned scenic mountain village in China boasting long ancient roads, thousand-year old banyan trees, green mountains and lakes and fantastic Tulou, Yunshuiyao Ancient Town is an old village honored as Famous Historical Village of China, Scenic Village of China and Demonstrative Site of Changjiao Ancient Village, South Fujian (Zhangzhou) Cultural Biology Reserve. 

Cradled in mountains ranging more than 10 li (1 li = 0.5km) in both length and width, this old town has Changjiao Brook winding under numerous bridges and connecting villages along the course. 13 thousand-year old banyan trees stretch their verdant branches like a cluster of huge green umbrellas, a spectacular. 


Under the banyan trees, a time-honored pebble road zigzags along Changjiao Brook for 10 km and connects Hegui Building and Huaiyuan Building. Once the only road for students from Southwest Fujian to Zhangzhou, Fuzhou and the Capital to take imperial exams and business trip for merchants, this lovely road brings together the amazing scenes of tulou and idyllic rural area. 



1. Starting from Nanjing Railway Station, you can reach Yunshuiyao by the sightseeing buses outside the station, which leave about every 1 hour (fare: RMB 20 per person). The trip lasts about 1.5. Starting from Nanjing Bus Station, you can take the Tulou Express (fare: RMB 20) to Yunshuiyao. Or you can get to Yunshuiyao by chartered bus (fare: RMB 40 /person). 

2. Starting from Xiamen South Hubin Long Distance Bus Station, you can take the shuttle bus at 8:00 to Yunshuiyao (fare: RMB 55). The trip lasts about 3.5 hours.