Mawei Shipyard Museum 0A

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    East foot of Maxian Mountain, Zhaozhong Road, Mawei District, Fuzhou (near the Fuzhou Memorial Hall
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    Four Seasons All Suitable
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Located at Zhaozhong Road of Mawei District, the museum is only 21 kilometers from the city center, and is an exhibition hall presenting the history of ship-building and navigation culture that featured by ship building, ship repairing and talent training. There are mainly sculptures of representative figures of the ship-building culture on the first floor, as well as a model of "Yangwu" battleship built by Mawei Ship-building Base. The second floor shows visitor an overview of the Mawei Ship-building Base, while the third floor illustrates the history, status and influence of Mawei Ship-building and Navigation Academy, the first of its kind in the modern history. The development history of China's modern navy will be introduced on the fourth floor, while physical antiques and pictures on the fifth floor will surely let you have the all-round knowledge of the ship-building and navigation culture.



Take Bus Line 73, 116, 131, 139, 180 and Mawei-Matsu Regular Bus and get off at Gangkou Road station, then follow the Zhaozhong Road.