Dongshan Island AAAA

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    free, but visitors may need to buy tickets for scenic spots on the island.
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    Dongshan Island, Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City
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A National AAAA scenic spot located at the east end of Tonglin Town, Dongshan County, Fujian Province. Accessible directly by bus, it is 120 km from Zhangzhou city, 135 km from Shantou and 209 km from Xiamen.

Fengdong Rock scenic site covers an area of 15 hectares. The major tourist attractions include Fengdongshi, Guandi Temple, ancient Tongshan Town, Hukongdiyu, Shisenbaita, Diaoaotai, Xianmianchuang, Baozhi Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Huang Daozhou Memorial Hall, Dongshan Museum, the residential relics of Huang Daozhou, stele corridor,  folk custom corner, Mural of Sun rock, Guizi Rock, octagon ancient well.



1. Xiamen, Fuzhou and Shantou have shuttle buses directly to Dongshan Island, including the Hubin South Road Bus Station, Xiamen, where shuttle buses leave for Dongshan at 8:00 and 13:00. 

2. You can take the shuttle bus directly to Dongshan from the plaza in front of Zhangzhou East Railway Station (fare: RMB 40 per person). Or you can take No.8 bus (fare: RMB 3 per person) to Xincheng Bus Station and transfer the shuttle bus to Dongshan (fare: RMB 35 per person).

3. Baths in Jinluan Bay are highly recommended. You can take the minibus from downtown Tongling to Jinluan Bay (fare: RMB 2.5 per person) and walk to the baths or spent less than 10 yuan to take a motorcycle taxi.