Zengcuo'an 0A

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    Zengcuo’an, South Island Ring Road, Siming District, Xiamen City
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  • Opening hours:
    all day long
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


Located in the south of Xiamen, Zengcuo’an, a time honored place, borders Huangcuo at Baishi Cannon Fort in the east and extends to Huli Hill Cannon Fort in the west, to Island Ring Road in the South, facing Dadan Island across the sea and to Xigu Ridge, Yuping Hill in the North. Surrounded by hills by three sides and facing the sea by one side, scenic Zengcuo’an covers an area of nearly 6.5 km2.


Without noises of tourists, Zengcuo’an is like neither the noisy Gulangyu Islet nor the glamorous downtown. What feature Zengcuo’an are plain residences, cute shops, restaurants, quiet bars and the most importantly, those artistic and funny people here, who love travel, photographing and friend-making.

From the traditional red-bricked houses and the Southeast Asia styled buildings, you can find the cultural heritage of overseas Chinese. The iron accessories and tiles everywhere also add to the romantic sentiment.




To visit Zengcuo’an, You can take No.29, No.47, No.92, No.751, No.857, No.316, No.3 Airport Express Line, sightseeing buses, Xiamen North Railway Station Tourist Express and Airport Express Wutong Ferry Line and Tourist Cruise Pier Express and get off at Zengcuo’an Stop.