West Lake Park 0A

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    No. 70 Hubin Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou
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    Four Seasons All Suitable
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Fuzhou West Lake Park, located on Hubin Road to the northwest park of the downtown, is the best conserved classical garden with a history of over 1,700 years. In the 3rd year of Taikang's Reign in Jin Dynasty, Provincial Chief Yan Gao channelled water from mountains in the northwest to irrigate the farmland. As the lake is located to the west of the town, so it was named as West Lake. Today's scale thanks to expansion in several dynasties. West Lake has lasting appeal for poets and scholars in all dynasties, and they usually gathered here to drink and make poems.

West Lake is home to three small islands: Kaiyu Islet, Xieping Islet, and Yaojiao Islet. Every Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat race will be held in West Lake. The fierce competition begins as the gongs and drums beating loud. Fujian Provincial Museum and Gourmet Exhibition Hall are also located within the Park.

Walking through the gate, you can immediately feel the classical garden style with long beach lined with weeping willows. In the middle sits a bridge, while the two sides are covered with willows, peach trees and shrubs. When the spring comes, the willows turn into green, and the peach blossoms are fire like; for the summer, the lake are decorated with thousands of lotus; as the sun settles down, the lake is golden like. In the spring rain, rowing in the lake or appreciating the rain in the lake pavilion is a great pleasure.




Take Line 1, 54, 65, 66, 70, 74, 88, 100, 109, 111, 121, 160, 505 and Sightseeing Bus 2 to West Lake (Xihu) Station, or Line 88 to Fujian Provincial Museum Station.