Southern Shaolin Temple of Putian 0A

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    Linshan Village, Jiulian Mountain, Xitianwei Town, Putian City
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    Four Seasons All Suitable
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Located about 16 kilometers to the northwest of Putian City, the Southern Shaolin Temple was built in the first year of Yongding of Chen in the Southern Dynasties (A.D. 557), only 61 years late than Songshan Shaolin Temple. The temple was burned down once by the Qing Regime during the reign of the Qing Emperor Kangxi. Major scenic spots include: the Southern Shaolin Temple, cultural relic exhibition hall, The Juyi Hall of Tiandi Uprising Group, Honghua Pavilion, Nine-Lotus Rock, One-Finger-Zen Stone, Purple Cloud Stone and Jiuhua-Diecui etc. 



1. By Bus

To Xitianwei Town, take bus from Putian to Wutang at the Long-distance Bus Station of Putian and take bus to the Southern Shaolin Temple of Putian by bus at Xitianwei Town. 

2. Self-driving

Turn north at A of the National Highway 324. There is 4 kilometers left from A to Putian City. And you can easily see the great mountain gate of the temple which is called “the crossing of Shaolin Temple” by local people.