Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple AAAA

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    Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple, Meizhou, the mountain foot of Niutouwei Mountain, northern end of Meiz
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    Four Seasons All Suitable
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Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple Scenic Spot is located at the northern end of Meizhou Island, Putian City. It’s about 40 kilometers away from the southeast Putian City. The temple is the ancestor temple of over 6,000 fenling temples for Mazu in more than 20 countries and is listed as the Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level as well as the National Civilized Unit. There are several major landscape systems as the Meizhou Mazu Ancestor Temple (the West Line), buildings of newly-built temples, a large collection of Mazu stone tablets and Mazu Cultural Park.

For thousands of years, the concept of “fenling” has been spread with believers all around the world and Mazu has been known for people. Finally, Mazu has become an international goddess beyond the national border.


Mazu was from a loyal family with the surname Lin in Fujian. Her grandfather was Linfu, who was the supervisor of Fujian at that time. Her father Linyuan (Weiyin) was responsible for inspection in early Song Dynasty. Mazu was also called Moniang or Niangma. She was clever since she was a child. When she grew up, she became a master of astronomy and medical science. It is said that Mazu could fly over the sea by mat and predict the future of people. It is also said that Mazu had a sense of justice and was generous in giving help. She had done many good things for people and she was respected and worshiped by people.

Transportation Guide

1. By Bus

Take bus No.1, No.2, No.3 to the Temple. Bus No.1 and No.2 for RMB 2 and No.3 for RMB 3. Bus Company: 0594-5098215.

2. By Bicycle

There are bicycles for rent on the island. Rent a bicycle to travel around every spot on the Meizhou Island as you like.