Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern 0A

  • Ticket:
    RMB 60
  • Address:
    beside National Highway No.205, 9 km to the north of Yong’an, Sanming
  • Telephone:
  • Opening hours:
  • Play time:
  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


Nine kilometers away from Yong’an City, the Cave is a mountain resort in Danxia landform. It was called Peach Spring Cave (Taoyuan Cave) since Wanli period of Ming Dynasty,and now is a national-level AAAA-grade, key tourist resort as well as a geopark of China.


Peach Spring Cave, which is also favored as “Small Wuyi”, covers an area of 28.78 km2. It is made up with rigid purplish-red thick gravel-sand terrain effloresced and eroded by the underground water, while the terrain had been accumulated from the late period of Cretace to the Red Stone Group of Third Age. That is why there are so many fantastic scenic spots like marvelous peaks and crags, green forests, old trees, blue waters and red hills,. Tourists can easily see 100-150 metres’ long cliff and “A-rift-of-the-sky” in the area.



1. Self-driving

(1) From Fuzhou:

Fuzhou - Wushan Road - Wushan West Road - Gongye Road - Shangpu Road - Jinshan Bridge - Jinshan Avenue - Juyuanzhou Grand Bridge - Jianping Road - G3 Beijing - Taipei High Speed - G70 Fuzhou - Yinchuan Expressway - G25 Changchun – Shenzhen Expressway /G205 North Exit of Yong’an - Xiangzhang Avenue - Beita Road - Nige Road - National Highway No.205/Nige Road - National Highway No.205 - Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern, Yong’an, Sanming

(2) From Yong’an

Yong’an - Nanshan Road - Baxi Avenue - Yanjiang South Road - Wusi Road - Jiangbin Road - Jiefang North Road - National Highway No.205 - Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern, Yong’an, Sanming.

2. Bus

(1) You can take No.1 or No.2 Bus from railway station and head for Yong’an bus station, take the shuttle bus to Gongchuan and get off at the Stop of Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern. The driving takes about 20 minutes.

(2) You can also take No. 8 bus in Nanmen Plaza.

(3) Starting from Sanming, it is a 17 km driving route that takes about 15 minutes to reach Land of Peach Blossoms Cavern. You can see the site when getting off.