Yuhua Cavern AAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 105
  • Address:
    under Tianjie Mountain, 5 km southeast to Jiangle County, Sanming City
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Attractions Details

1.jpgYuhua Cave is a national key scenic area and historical site. Located at the bottom of Tianjie Mountain which is 5 kilometers southeast of Jiangle County, Yuhua Cave is the biggest limestone cave in Fujian Province.


The cave is 6 kilometers in length, consisted of six branch caves, namely Zanghe Cave, Leigong Cave, Guozi Cave, Huangni Cave, Xiyuan Cave and Baiyun Cave and three subterranean rivers, namely Stone Spring, Well Spring and Ling Spring, which are 1 to 3 meters in width and the water is below the knee. Small paths zigzag inside the cave. There are more than 180 underground scenic spots which are formed due to the corrosion of lime rocks, among which, “Immortal’s Field”, “Alchemical Furnace”, “Litchi Pillar”, “Dragon Coming out from Sea” and “Child Kowtowing to Guanyin” are particularly vivid.



1. Self driving

From Jiangle County - Fuqian Road - Sanhua North Road - Sanhua Bridge - Sanhua South Road - Sanban Village - Construction Building - S304 - S204 - S304 - destination.

2. Bus

You can take the through bus to Yuhua Cavern Scenic Spot at Jiangle Farmer’s Market. The buses leave about every half an hour and pass Jiangle City Gate and Shuinan.