Taining World Geological Park AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    Zhuangyuan Rock: RMB 40, Jiulong Pond: RMB 55, Zhaixia Grand Valley: RMB 55, Shangqing Brook: RMB 95, Golden Lake: RMB 165
  • Address:
    Taining World Geological Park, Taining County, Sanming City
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


The landscape of Taining World Geopark is mainly Danxia landform and there are also granite landform landscape and human landscape. The Danxia landform starts from Tiancheng Rock in Longhu Town in the North, runs through Shangqing Stream, area just outside Taining County, Dushu Mountain and Jiziding to the southeast and then turns southward to Mao'er Mountain, Longwang Rock, Baixian Cliff (Dayading) and ends in Long'an Town. Four red basins namely Shangqing Stream, Golden Lake, Longwang Rock and Baxian Rock form an inverted V shape, 34 kilometers from the north to the west and 29 kilometers from the south to the north, covering a total area of 215.2 square kilometers. On the whole, the ground rises gradually from the northeast to the southwest. 


Dayading area is the highest Danxia landform, among which, Baxian Cliff (Dayading) with an altitude of 907.6 meters is the highest peak. Dayading area is also typical for peak and pillar landform development. There are five scenic areas in Taining World Geopark, including Shangqingxi Scenic Area, Taining Ancient City Scenic Area, Golden Lake Scenic Area, Longwang Rock-Baxian Cliff Scenic Area and Jinrao Mountain Scenic Area.



To facilitate tourists’ access, Taining Bus Station has developed the bus routes connecting downtown, Zhaixia Grand Valley, Golden Lake, Shangqing Brook, Jiulong Pond, Zhungyuan Rock (Road of Number One Scholar) and Cat Mountain. Besides, there are more than 100 minibuses in the downtown available for renting.