Heping Ancient Town AAAA

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  • Address:
    Shaowu, Nanping
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  • Opening hours:
    all day long
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


Heping Town is located in the mountainous border of Shaowu City. The town has a well preserved ancient street which is rarely seen in the whole country of China, and is regarded as “the First Street in Fujian”.

Heping Town boasts not only ancient castles and drum towers, but also Jukui Tower with Yuan Chonghuan’s inscriptions on its horizontal board, Heping Institution built in the Five Dynasties, County Magistrate Office, Three Places in Old Downtown, Public Granary in Old Downtown, Barn of the Xie Family, Zhongqian Temple, Xiacheng Temple, Guanyuan Temple, ancestral temple of the Liao Family, Ding Family, Zhao Family, Shangguan Family and other families, among which, the three grand master residences of the Liao Family, Huang Family and Li Family, and tribute student residence of the Chen Family are ancient residence treasures. Experts commented: “Ancient Heping Town is a testimony to the process of the Han nationality’s economy and culture moving southward. It is representative of history and incarnates the periodic development of history. It is the accumulation and epitome of the culture of Han nationality which incorporated with the local Fujian culture.”



Shaowu is the traffic hub in Northern Fujian, and all major cities are connected to it by railway. Shaowu is also an important port to Wuyi Mountain, and coaches shuttle (3-hour drive) between Shaowu and Wuyi Mountain every day. Shaowu is only 70 km away from Wuyishan Airport, and you can take airplane to Shaowu, and then switch to regular bus to Heping Ancient Town (1 hour drive, ticket price: RMB 7).