Minister's Residential Complex 0A

  • Ticket:
    RMB 25
  • Address:
    Futang Alley No.2 Shengli Street, Taining County, Sanming City
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
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Dating back to Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 BC), Taining Minister's Residential Complex (Shang Shu Di), commonly known as Five Happiness Halls (Wu Fu Tang), was the home of Li Chunye, the then Minister of War Ministry in charge of administration and military of Beijing and the tutor of crown prince. Facing to the east, this complex is 87 m in north-south length and 60 m in west-east width and covers an area of more than 5,220 m2. 


Featuring an accurate and rational layout and splendid and grand style, the Minister's Residential Complex was honored as one of the key national historic relics to be protected in 1988. This more than 370-year-old building cluster is a must for any visitors of Taining Fujian to tour.

In recent years, as the fad to visit ancient houses sweeping China, the Minister's Residential Complex in Taining aces other peers due to its long history, enormous size and delicate design. Built with solid stones, the valleys, walls and square gates are tall and long in size and lofty and grand in momentum. The stone gates are particularly extraordinary for they are staggered in exquisite order rather than symmetrically structured as in other conventional ancient houses, adding to the majesty and dignity of the whole building.



Starting from Taining Railway Station, you can take No. 5 bus (fare: RMB 1) to Taining County Hospital Stop and walk about 10 minute to get to Minister's Residential Complex