Heavenly Tour Peak AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    included in the combination ticket for Wuyi Mountain
  • Address:
    North to Six-Bend, Nine-Bend Stream, Wuyi Mountain
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Attractions Details


Heavenly Tour Peak sits north to the Six-Bend and the center of the scenic zone. It neighbours Xianyou Rock in the east, Xianzhang Peak in the west, and stands upright above all peaks. As the first ray of the morning sun comes after raining, the cloud fills the mountains and rises and falls with the wind just like fierce sea waves. Climbing to the top and watching the changeable sea of clouds, you seem to come to another realm known as fairyland. So it is named as Heavenly Tour. It is arguably the top view of Wuyi Mountain.



1. Take bus to Heavenly Tour Peak at the Railway Station.

2. Taxi and chartered bus.

3. Coach to scenic zone. Buses are available to connect all scenic spots in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Zone.