Xiameigu Dwellings 0A

  • Ticket:
    RMB 60
  • Address:
    12 Km southeast to Wuyishan, Nanping
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


Situated at the 12 km spot southeastern of Wuyi Mountain City, the ancient Xiamei village was the key distributing center for tea industry during the glorious period of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. There is an artificial canal over 900 m flowing across the village, which carried 300 boats daily without cease in Qing Dynasty (in Cong’an County Records). As a result of the booming tea trade, local residents became rich and they built-up alcoves, railings, beauty’s supports, the ancient streets, wells, docks, buildings, villages, bazaars as well as the harmony folk custom made Xiamei village a typical water-town sight-seeing site in south China. Besides, those ancient buildings combined brick-carving, stone-carving and wooden-carving together, making it primitive simple and full of local custom atmosphere.

At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, Xiamei went into its peak period for development. Four brothers of Family Zhou in Xiamei village were the richest at that time, so they built up more than 70 luxury houses. By and then, other families such as Fan, Chen, Yue and Chen also constructed their own buildings, thus creating the large building groups in the village. It is true that the main function of buildings was for living, but they also considered other functional areas for education, meeting, recreation and so on. The significant Ming & Qing Dynasty style of buildings proves that there was a developed economy in the glorious period of Kang-Qian in Qing Dynasty. 

Xiamei village is the well-known cultural village in the history of China and one of the fifth-batch key cultural reserves in Fujian province, as well as the important part of Cultural Heritages of the World in Wuyi Mountain.



1. A 6-km drive from Wuyi Mountain Resort.

2. Take midibus and minivan from the roundabout in from of Haisheng Hotel, and ticket price is RMB 3-5.

3. Rent a motorcycle in Wuyi Mountain Scenic Zone, and rent is about RMB 50 (round trip).

4. Take Bus (Downtown - Shangu - Xingcun) and get off at the Xiamei Entrance beside the gasoline station, and get a ride to the destination.