Niumu Forest Ecological Sightseeing Zone AAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 45
  • Address:
    Xiayang Town, Yongchun County, Quanzhou City
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Attractions Details


As a National AAAA scenic spot and provincial natural reserve, it is located at Xiayang town, the west of Yongchun County, Quanzhou of Fujian Province.


Niumu forest is the extension of Daiyun Mountain with an attitude of 1,105 meters. It is the largest and best preserved primary forest at present in South China. The main sightseeing area in Niumu forest ecological zone covers 1,000 ha, consisting over 40 scenic spots. The most famous sites are the ecological and scientific popularization museum, orchid garden, Yongchun Tangerine orchard, Qingqian Liule Garden, Cuckoo Castle, board root, strangled killing, parasitic cauline flower, Fujian phoebe trees, yew, foliage, Woniutan, Zhonglidizhu, Konggulaifeng. The entertainment activities offered for tourists include cable sliding at high altitude, grass ski fashion, mock hunting, standard shooting, archery, and jungle field operation.



1. There is travelling line to Niumu Forest Ecological Sightseeing Zone in Quanzhou City; You may also take long-distance bus from Quanzhou to Yongchun and take the bus to Xiayang Town.

2. Self-driving Line: Xiamen – Quansan Expressway – Off the expressway at Xiayang - Niumu Forest Ecological Sightseeing Zone