Kaiyuan Temple AAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 10
  • Address:
    the West Street of Licheng District, Quanzhou City
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


National key culture relics, it is a 1000-year old temple, famous in China and overseas. Build in Wuzetian Chuigong Year 2 of Tang Dynasty (Year 686), the temple is Located in the west street of Lincheng District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The temple has a history of over 1300 years, covering an area of 78,000 m2. 


Kaiyuan Temple is evenly laid in structure. Starting from the gate, there are the Hall of Heaven King, Praying Pavilion, east and west Corridors, the Precious Hall of Great Hero, Ganlujietan, and scripture store-room. The buildings are laid spectacularly and neatly in a line. Inside Kaiyuan Temple, there stood the east pagoda and the west pagoda, which are also called Ziyun couple pagodas. The east pagoda is named Zhenguo Pagoda, which was made from the wood initially and later replaced by the brick at the height of 48.24 meters. The west pagoda is named Renshou pagoda, which was built from the timber sent by Wang Shenzhi, the king of Fujian. It was named “emotal pagoda”. It was replaced by brick structure in the northern Song Dynasty and changed again to stone pagoda in the Southern Song Dynasty at the height of 44.06 meters. The west pagoda was built 10 years earlier than the east pagoda.


By Bus

Take No.2, No.2 Night Bus, No.40, No.601, No.602 to Kaiyuan Temple.