Impression Da Hong Pao AAAAA

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    RMB 238 for standard seat, RMB 298 for VIP seat and RMB 688 for luxury seat Add.: Impression Da Hong Pao Theatre, Chinese Wuyi Tea Center, Dawangfeng Road, Yishan
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    Four Seasons All Suitable
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Impression Da Hong Pao Theatre is the world's biggest among its peers and the first to introduce 360 degree rotating auditorium, presenting the one and only “Rotating View Theatre”. Wuyi Mountain has long been a great attraction to let people stay. Big Red Robe in Wuyi Mountain is known as the “King of Tea” and well recognized back Tang and Song dynasties.

After being included as one in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, the traditional production skills of Big Red Robe is also made a representative of China's oolong tea for application of the world's intangible cultural heritage. Building on the creative ideas of Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue, the deep-reaching tea culture is presented to audiences in forms of art. Tourists can touch and sense such culture, and enjoy a premium art feast surrounded by magnificent natural views.

The performance area consists of archaistic residence zone, highland zone, sandbank zone and riverway zone surrounding the auditorium. Archaistic residence zone is inspired by buildings in Xiameigu Dwellings of Wuyi Mountain, and makes the performance zone like a giant teahouse with 1988 seats.

The auditorium is offered a visual radius of over 2 kilometers, and the four performance stages are connected to render a view stretching tens of thousands of meters. Sitting in the auditorium, you can not only have a panoramic view of the most famous Crown Peak and Jade Maiden Peak in Wuyi Mountain, but also enjoy a cup of Big Red Robe delivered by waitress in folk dress.



1. Take a taxi from Wuyishan.

2. Drive from the scenic zone. Follow the following route: Wuyi Mountain Scenic Zone - S303 - turn around after passing Shangpu - Gongguang Bridge - S303 - Crown Peak Road - 1.3 km driving - Impression Da Hong Pao Theatre.