Chongwu Ancient Town AAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 45
  • Address:
    Chongwu Ancient Town Scenic Spot, Hui’an County, Quanzhou City
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Attractions Details


As a National AAAA scenic spot, it has gained the reputation of “natural film studio” and “Beidaihe in the South”. It is located at Chongwu Township, the coastal jag in the east of Hui-an County.


The site covers an area of 300 Mu, winding along the coastline, composed of Chongwu ancient town, Hui-an women glamour, the granite carving museum, and Earth Art. The well-preserved T-shaped city wall of Chongwu ancient town is located on just the opposite of the scenic spot. It is regarded as “case of the ancient systematic civil work due to its unique architecture. The area has been listed by provincial tourism Bureau as the key construction project for tourism and announced by Quanzhou Municipal Government as the first batch of famous scenic spots, receiving over one million tourists each year.


Take bus from Hui’an County Bus Station of to Chongwu Bus Station. The bus ticket price is RMB 8.