Beiqi 0A

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  • Address:
    Beiqi Village, Xiapu County, Ningde City
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  • Opening hours:
    24 hours
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


Beiqi is a beautiful mudflat which was listed by as “one of the most beautiful shooting site in China” by the magazine CHIP FOTO-VIDEO Digital in 2012. And as one of 22 famous shooting sites which are highly recommended, Beiqi mudflat attracts more than 200,000 photographers and shutterbugs all around the world every year.

Beiqi is also a farm for seashells and seaweeds. You may see fishermen digging razor clams, looking for seashells, taking care of seaweeds and harvesting them and making lift nets. All these humanity elements and regional elements are melted naturally with the beautiful scenery. With every step you may find new scenes to shoot. When the sea is at high tide, boats are busily criss-crossing the rods that are inserted in the sea for nets. Their outlines fit into the scenery of shinning waves, islands and distant mountains. Beiqi is a mudflat of continental sea. The mudflat with tiger stripes shine brightly every time when they are kissed by sunlight. At sunset, the whole mudflat becomes golden under the sun, which is a wonderful experience for visitors. Beiqi has multiple scenes for shooting all year round. Visitors may take various photos as they like.

When the harvest time of seaweeds comes, over ten thousands of bamboo rods are inserted on the mudflat to make square frames for nets. The scene of rods’ stretching away for thousands of miles presents a splendid sight. About six o’clock in the morning, a fireball jumps out of the sea level and it looks like that the sea wears a golden coat all of a sudden. On the mountain pass of hundreds of miles, photographers hold their breath and wait for the moment. Suddenly, shutter sounds leap into ears when the moment comes. Stripes of seaweeds hanging on the nets are red, black and purple and they form a picture like a natural Chinese wash painting. All these scenes are taken by photographers and finally recorded in color films.



1. Self-driving

Ningde - G15 (62.5 km in the direction of Xiapu) - X961 (1.1km) - Chixia Avenue (5 km) - Beiqi Village (on the left side of the avenue)

2. Bus

Hail the bus in Xiapu County to Songshan (About 8 km. The cost is RMB 3.) Call a taxi or take a motorcycle from Songshan to Beiqi Village. (About 10 minutes.) Go to Beiqi from Xiapu Railway Station by train. (About 15 minutes.)