Baishuiyang AAAAA

  • Ticket:
    RMB 120; Yuanyang Lake: RMB 78; Coupon Ticket: RMB 170
  • Address:
    Baishuiyang Scenic Area, Pingnan County, northwest Ningde City
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details


Baishuiyang•Yuanyang Stream Scenic Area is located at Pingnan County, Ningde City. Thare are five main areas in this scenic area - Baishuiyang, Yuanyang Stream, Liugong Rock, Taibao Building and Yuanyang Lake.

Baishuiyang Scenic Area: The riverbed of Baishuiyang is made of a single flat rock and is clean without pebbles. And the water tickles your ankles when you walk on the riverbed. In the Yuanyang Stream Scenic Area you may enjoy the unique scenery of valleys. As national level scenic areas, Baizhangji Water Curtain Cave, Xiaohukou Waterfall and Dingtanxianyan Valley are wonderful choices for people to go to fitness, make explorations, relax themselves and enjoy the scenery.

Bai Shui Yang is one of the four great wonders in the national level scenic area Yuanyang Stream. It is called “the Ten Miles Water Street” and is a rare “square of shallow water”. It is very peculiar that this square is made of a single flat rock without pebbles. Of the three large shallow pools, the largest one is 40,000 square meters, and at its widest the pool is 182m from bank to bank. Throughout the river’s course the water is ankle deep. The water of squares comes from streams flowing in mountains. The water surface glistens under the sun, forming a vast expanse of white stars. For this reason, the river is named Baishuiyang, literally the “White Water Ocean”.  



1. Get to Baishuiyang, Pingnan County in the direction of south Fujian:

 (1) Expressway: Drive along Shenyang-Haikou Expressway (in the direction of Fuzhou) to Fuan, Ningde City and veer into Ningde-Wuyishan Expressway. Drive along the expressway for about one and half an hour and go off at the Baishuiyang exit. Turn left to the second-class highway from Pingnan to Baishuiyang for about 20 minutes to Baishuiyang.

 (2) Expressway and Provincial RoadDrive along Shenyang-Haikou Expressway (in the direction of Fuzhou) and go off at the North Ningde (Zhangwan) exit. Drive to the second-class road of Ningping according to signs (turn right at every crossroads). Drive for about 2 hours from Ningde to Jialong Roundabout Island (Ganguobao statue). Turn right to the second-class road from Nanping to Baishuiyang for about 30 minutes.

2. Expressway in the direction of Sanming and Nanping

 (1) Drive along the Sanming Expressway and the Nanping Expressway in the direction of Jianou City to G1514 Expressway. Turn to Guzheng Expressway and turn left at the Baishuiyang exit to the second-class road of Baishuiyang. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the resort.