Tannanwan 0A

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    Tianmeiao Beach, Pingtan County
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  • Opening hours:
    all year round. 24 hours.
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Attractions Details


Tannanwan is the most beautiful gulf in Pingtan County with clean, blue water and soft sands on beach. The beach is 22 kilometers long and is still uncultivated now. The gulf enjoys the reputation of "the platinum coast". There are trees and hills around the gulf and the sea in the gulf is extensive. The coastline is winding with multiple islands. You may see islands and vague outlines of rocks hit by colorful waves once and twice.


There are "blue tears" on the beach which surprise visitors. The sea waves against the beach with shinning blue lights, which makes the coastline look like the milk way of stars. And this scene will remind people of the movie Avatar. And Tannanwan is known to the world for these "blue tears".



Get to Pingtan Bus Station to Tannanwan by bus.

Take the bus from Pingtan to Jiangjun Mountain at Pingtan Bus Station and tells the ticket seller to go off at Tannanwan. The cost is RMB 7. Schedule Time: 6:00-18:00 (every 15 minutes)