Tangyu Island 0A

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    Nanhaixiang, Pingtan County
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    all year round
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Attractions Details

1.jpgLocated at the south end of Pingtan Island, Tangyu Island is under the governance of Nanhaixiang. It is a long and narrow island. The south end of the haven-like island is a beach which looks like a crescent moon. There is a coastline of more than 1,000 meters where you can go surfing or go swimming.

2.pngHaitantianshen, literally the god of Haitan, is one of major resorts on the island in Nanhaixiang. It is a great rock which looks like a giant man lying on the beach. There is a 14-meter columnar decomposed rock of the lower part of the body which stands like a penis of the man. Thus fisherwomen across the straits all admire this rock because they regard it as sigh for successful procreations. It is said that young women who get married for a long time without children may touch the rock and be pregnant at once. This kind of legend sounds like those legends in north as women will be pregnant by praying to stone penis. Compared with the great sitting Buddha carved in Leshan, Sichuan and the great lying Buddha carved in Beijing, this god of Haitan is more vivid in the aspects of model, scale and appearance.



1. From Pingtan County: 

Take the short-distance bus at Pingtan Bus station at 7:35 to Fenwei Port. It is about 16 kilometers away and the cost is RMB 7. Tell the driver that you want to take ships from Fenwei Port to Tangyu Island. Catch the ship to the island at 9:00 if time allows. Trees shade the street along the road and giant granite rocks on the mountains are strange with various shapes. Get to Fenwei Port at about 8:10. There is a stone dam stretching towards the sea at the port. You may ask for details from fishermen there before you get on the ship.

2. From Fuzhou City: Book a seat by calling the driver of bus from Wanda, Taizhou to Wokou Port, Fuqing. And the driver will tell you the meeting place where you can get on the bus at 12:00 at noon. It takes more than 2 hours to Wokou Port and the cost is RMB 50. Almost all local people of Tangyu Island take this bus because it is fast and convenient. Another Choice: Go from Fuzhou North Bus Station to Fuqing Shuinan Bus Station by bus and the cost is about RMB 15. For the rest, refer to Note 2.