Shipaiyang 0A

  • Ticket:
    RMB 20
  • Address:
    On the sea about 500 meters away from the west of Kanao Village, Suao Town, Pingtan County
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Attractions Details

1.jpgBanyangshifan Rock is called Shibeiyang by local people in Pingtan County. The rock looks like a sailing boat standing on the sea and it becomes a landmark of Haitan Island. Travelers of the different epochs all surprised by this scene and Chendi, a traveler in Ming Dynasty, called Shibeiyang as “a marvelous wonder”. Shibeiyang is the largest sea stack constituted by granite rocks in China which shock the hearts of people with its unique and wonderful shape.

5.jpgCurrently, no one is allowed to step on the island where the rock stands. So you may only see it from distance. But the rock is even more beautiful when you see it from afar with colorful clouds in the sky under the sunlight at sunset. You may enjoy wonderful scenes as flocks of sea birds flying through clouds and the sea and sky are melted together as one. You may feel the happiness of life when you watch the sunset on the island.



When you arrive at Pingtan County, take bus to Suao Town near the farmers market. The cost is RMB 8 and it takes about 25 minutes. Get to Shibeiyang by motorcycle after you arrive at Suao Town. The cost of taking motorcycle from Suao Town to the resort is RMB 5 and it takes about 10 minutes.

Notes:The admission price is RMB 20 excluding taking ships around the island. The ticket price for ships is RMB 25.It takes about 10 minutes to go near the island and you may go back by the next ship. There is a small land of marine abrasion landform which can be seen only at the time of ebb tide. Ships run without fixed schedule. When a ship is full, it will set sail.


Fuzhou -- Shenyang-Haikou Expressway -- Yuping Expressway -- Pingtan Bridge -- Pingtan County -- County Avenue X162 -- Suao Town. It takes about two hours and fifteen minutes to the destination and the distance is 140 kilometers.