Longfengtou Bathing Beach 0A

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  • Address:
    Longfengtou Bathing Beach, Pingtan County
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  • Opening hours:
    all year round
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  • Best season:
    Four Seasons All Suitable
Attractions Details

11.jpgTalking about Longfengtou Bathing Beach, almost all people living by seaside will think about a scene in their mind: Thousands of casuarinas rustle by the sea wind. Walking through the forest and you will see the blue beach in front of you. At sunset, colorful clouds are flowing above the sea. Several old fishermen come back by their small ships with fresh fish jumping in their nets.

22.jpgLocated at the south corner of Pingtan Island, Fujian Province, Longfengtou Bathing Beach is about 1.5 kilometers from the center of the city. The beach is 500 meters wide and 9.5 kilometers long at an incline of only 2.2 degrees. It is one of the largest bathing beaches in China. The sand on the beach is as white as beautiful jades. There are dense forests on numerous islands. Your may drive a car or ride on a horse on the beach. You may also relax in the sea.

It is a nice place for the whole family because you may take off-road vehicles, ride on a horse or go surfing with surfboard as you like. If you walk along the beach towards north near rocks, you can see countless small holes on the beach which are home to small crabs. It is interesting for visitors to catch crabs on the beach by following their trace.



When you arrive at Pingtan County: 

1. Take No.201 Bus to Shenlin Park and walk straight to the Bathing Beach.

2. It costs RMB 7 to take motorcycles.

3. It costs RMB 10 to take taxi.