Tired of crowded tourists when traveling and of line up for a long time waiting to visit an attraction? Then go to Heping Town, an old town with beautiful landscape but less tourists. It is definitely a good place for you!Heping is a quaint little town in the border of Fujian and Jiangxi, and a place you would never miss if you travel in Shaowu. Pe...[Detail]
There are two recommended attractions in Wuyi Mountain scenic spot – Heavenly Tour Peak and Nine-Bend Stream, a one-day trip. And the rest attractions are up to your schedule.On the way from the south gate to Heavenly Tour Peak, we ran across some very lovely tour trains and took some pictures.After we got off at the Heavenly Tour Peak station, it ...[Detail]
The ancients once illuminated the brilliant colors of Danxia Mountain by "in deep red color, the mountain is as glorious as gorgeous rosy clouds". In such cool weather in early autumn, we broadened our view across the oddly-shaped Danxia landform in the northwest Fujian, and wherever we went, we were deeply impressed by the daedal hand of...[Detail]
Getting familiar with the high-rises in city and rough courtyards in North China, you would definitely be touched by the Chongwu Ancient Town for its blue sea, romantic dovetail ridge, T-shaped stone steps, as well as the charming Hui’an women.Chongwu Ancient Town is the only well-conserved stone town of Ming Dynasty, and one of the over 60 castles...[Detail]
Having you intended to pay a visit to prairie? Inner Mongolia is so far, and so tourists who do not have much time for a tour beyond the province are suggested to plan a trip to the prairie in Fujian where can experience Hulun Buir prairie of East Fujian.In the southeast waters of Fuding, there hidden the Dayushan Island, the "Hulun Buir Prair...[Detail]
Fuding Taishan Island, a sea island located in the east and almost separated from the world, is a Shangri-la closest to the high sea. The island is only populated by over one dozen of households. If you find nothing in the life that is desirable, you may consider becoming a monk or nun in this island. Taishan Islands is located in Fuding, Ning...[Detail]
Wuyi Mountain is recognized as the birthplace of cliff burial by the academic circle. Like the water burial and celestial burial, cliff burial is an ancient form of burial. Burial site was usually on the riverside cliff, and the coffin was placed at natural or artificial cave tens to hundreds of meters above the water, or some were placed directly ...[Detail]
This hot summer has turned the beautiful beaches into a distant legend. And when you see so people crowded on the beach in the summer, are you trying to find a place to spend your summer? If not too far away, I hope to be in a cool river beach in a valley nearby, rolling up my pants and standing on smooth pebbles in shallow water, not even touching...[Detail]
I have always had eyes only for China's traditional dwellings, especially red-brick houses in southern Fujian. However, as time changes, many traditional dwellings have been destroyed and demolished, or collapsed. These buildings are the heritage left by our ancestors, and the witness of history. It is really heart-breaking that most traditiona...[Detail]
Yushan Island, a small sea island, was suddenly listed as one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in China one day, although it has been in long period of obscurity. How it come?A small southern sea island but with highland meadow like the northwest area.(Source of pictures: http://www.mafengwo.cn/u/922827.html)There are two fresh water lakes on t...[Detail]