Wuyi Mountain is not just in Name --A Three-day Tour in Sublime Wuyi Mountain

Release time : 2015-12-04 11:33:18
Way Attractions: Wuyishan

Wuyi Mountain tourist area of typical Danxia landform boasts its splendid mountains and waters. By the hand of nature, unique landscape of many peaks, stream bends and rocks are formed in this Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. And the visit to Nanping was to tour Wuyi Mountain which impressed me greatly for the first time, and especially the Heavenly Tour Peak, is really worthy of the name. I called it a worthwhile trip!

Below are some eye-pleasing pictures first showed for you.

Heavenly Tour Peak


Jade Maiden Peak


Crown Peak


I stayed in Lantiang Village during the three-day tour. The routes of the tour are as follows:

Day 1: 

Morning: Water Curtain Cave – Rocks and Flower Fragrances crawlerway - Big Red Robe – Lantang Village

Route: To save money, I did not buy shuttle tickets for travel within the tourist area, and instead, I took the bus. I first took Lantang Village to Heavenly Tour bus and then Heavenly Tour to North Gate bus and bought two-day tour ticket at the north gate. I walked between attractions and to Lantang Village for lunches.









Afternoon: drifting in Nine-Bend Stream – Wuyi Palace – Zhizhi Hut – back to hotel 

Route: I took bus to the wharf of Nine-Bend Stream for drifting; after the drifting trip, walked to Wuyi Palace and visited Zhizhi Hut; took bus at Wuyi Palace at dusk to have supper in Sangu resort.








Day 2: Heavenly Tour Peak — Tiger Roaring Crag — Tiancheng Temple — Green Field crawlerway — A Thread of Sky

Morning: Heavenly Tour Peak

Route: I took Lantang Village to Heavenly Tour bus to the foot of the Heavenly Tour Peak and returned from the Heavenly Tour Peak by another path down at the back of the peak




Afternoon: Tiger Roaring Crag — Tiancheng Temple — Green Field crawlerway — A Thread of Sky

Route: firstly I had a trip to the top of the Tiger Roaring Crag and then by the way of Green Field crawlerway I continued my tour at the A Thread of Sky. At the end of A Thread of Sky trip, I took A Thread of Sky to Lantang Village bus back to the hotel



Day 3: Jade Maiden Peak – back to home



To the Jade Maiden Peak I still took the bus, yet when I returned from the Jade Maiden Peak to Lantang Village, I walked along the stream and during the course, photographed the Crown Peak at different angles. On the way back, I visited the Wuyi Palace again; I packed up luggage at noon and then took bus to Wuyi Mountain Railstation 


The Wuyishan scenic spot has a large coverage, with its attractions scattered around. So if you physically weak, or do not like walking, you can buy tourist shuttle tickets together with entrance tickets. The tourist shuttle can take you to various attractions inside. 

Or if you like walking or have enough physical strength, you can avoid the tourist shuttle tickets. Except the two sections from north gate to Water Curtain Cave and from Big Red Robe to Lantang Village that you have to make it by feet, you can arrive atany other attractions by Xingcun Special Bus. It only takes 2-3 yuan.