Less-noticed attractions in Fuzhou you can’t miss

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:07:42
Way Attractions: Fuzhou National Forest Park

Although I am not a Fuzhou native, I spend four years studying in Fuzhou. So I hope my four years of experience in Fuzhou will be helpful for travelers coming to Fuzhou. 

Perhaps most travelers will choose Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Mawei Shipbuilding Bureau and other traditional attractions. If you have enough time, you can also visit these less-noticed yet peculiar attractions in Fuzhou. 

Here comes a list of less-noticed attractions.

Fuzhou National Forest Park


I am wondering why travelers coming to Fuzhou miss Forest Park?! In fact, Forest Park is Top1 destination I want to recommend...

Forest Park is full of trees, containing plenty of negative oxygen ions. Most importantly, the biggest banyan tree in Fuzhou grows here and it is regarded as the symbol of the City of Banyan. (“Banyan King” is about 20 tall and over 930 years old, and its crown looks like a huge canopy, covering an area of 1,330 square meters, so it can provide shades for thousands of people.) It is a shame not to see the “Banyan King” when you are in the City of Banyan. 

The park is worth visiting because it is open to the public. 

If it is January to March, you will see over 1,500 cherry trees blooming, and the sky looks red when viewed from under cherry trees. 

How to go: take Bus 54, Bus 102, Bus 72, Bus 84 or Bus 87 to the bus stop at the gate of Forest Park. 

Peony Garden No.1 (Fuzhou 798 Art Zone):


Peony Garden No.1 becomes a famous “art zone” in Fuzhou in recent years, which is similar to Beijing 798 Art Zone. As it houses cafe, tea shop and quiet bar, it is good place to relax. 

Evening visit is recommended.

Cangqianshan (“Exhibition of the World's Architecture” of Fuzhou)


After the Opium War, Fuzhou was opened as a treaty port, leading to the presence of the consulates of 17 countries including the Great Britain, the US, France, Russia and Netherlands as well as flocks of missionaries in Cangshan. In this case, a great variety of modern western-style buildings were established in Cangshan, constituting a major attraction of urban architecture in Cangshan. Currently, there are still lots of old buildings preserved in Cangshan, especially foreign consulates, churches and apartments. 

If you enter Cangqianshan from Kangshanli opposite the gate of Fujian Normal University campus in Cangshan, you can drop by Keyuan, where Lin Huiyin used to reside. 


Jinshan Temple

Next to Hongtang Bridge lies a temple standing in the river. A ferry boat is needed to reach the temple that can date back to the Song Dynasty. 

West Lake Park & Zuohai Park or Jiangbin Park

Is there also a West Lake in Fuzhou? Yes, definitely. Although it is eclipsed by Hangzhou West Lake, Fuzhou natives still believe Fuzhou West Lake is equally beautiful. Xin Qiji, celebrated poet of the Song Dynasty, visited Fuzhou West Lake and produced a poem titled A Visit to West Lake on A Rainy Day, “Rain or shine, West Lake is as beautiful as the unmarried Xi Shi (one of the four great beauties in ancient China).” Locals haunt West Lake, strolling along the path by the lake, boating or viewing chrysanthemum. 


When you enjoy the sight of chrysanthemum in autumn at West Lake Park, you cannot miss Underwater World and ferris wheel at Zuohai Park...

West Lake and Zuohai is now linked, making it easy to visit both of them. 

There is no sea in Fuzhou?! Come and see the sea in Pingtan!


Pingtan faces Taiwan across the sea for geographical reason. Basically if you want to travel Taiwan via Fuzhou, then Pingtan is a must-go place. It may take some time to reach Pingtan, but the sea in Pingtan is worth seeing, because it is truly amazing, much cleaner than those trash-strewn beaches.