Dongshan Island - Best Spot for Photography

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:28:02
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Dongshan Island, called Tongshan Mountain in the past, is the second biggest island in Fujian Province. Nearly all who have visited Dongshan Island speak highly of it.

Dongshan boasts clear sea, famous Feng Dong Shi (rolling rocks) and abundant seafood. Walking on the soft and white beaches of Dongshan Island, you can enjoy breezily windmills, lighthouses, sea, rocks, sky and sea birds in bright sunshine, or experience the fun of catching fish. It is OK that you pick up some fish on the beach as fishermen draw their net. Can't wait to visit here, right?


Dongshan sliding rock is a natural wonder that local people boast and treasure most, and also the most popular attraction.  When strong wind blows, these rocks will jiggle but never fall down.


Alternatively, you can walk through a long wooden gallery to have a good view of the sea, just like a seaside holiday.


Dongshan has a Guandi Temple (also called Wu Temple) which was built in the Ming Dynasty (1389) and enjoys booming pilgrims even to today. On the top of its gate carves more than a hundred lifelike characters.

QQ截图20151204202530.jpgThis village has a poignant name "Widows Village". According to historical records, among over 4,700 young men taken forcibly by Kuo Ming Tang for its retreat from Dongshan to Taiwan, 147 were from this small village with only 200+ households. The village lost its former glory, and women here became widows for separation from their beloved ones.



Jinluan Bay: In spite of imperfect infrastructures, Jinluan Bay is not subject to extensive business operation, and has clear sea and soft sands. The beach at the foot of Sufeng Shan Hill is charming with fine sands.QQ截图20151204202628.jpg

Accompanied by this incredibly blue sea and sky, you're sure to be soothed and relaxed.


When playing on the beach, you may see unsophisticated fishermen returning from fish catching. You can pick up some small fish and they won't stop you.