Moon Creek, How Brilliant—Sanming Hakka Cultural Park

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:34:49
Way Attractions:

How close the soul is to the nature indicates how far life is from the hustle and bustle. Far away from the hustle and bustle but not from the downtown, the Moon Creek-Sanming Hakka Cultural Park is known as the "most beautiful landscape masterpiece in Sanming riverside tourism galleries"! Purely pastoral, sun and rain, deep woods, green bamboo forests, colorful vanilla flowers and unsophisticated Hakka style, make your life begin to slow down and become sweet.

The Moon Creek is committed to creating a comprehensive cultural tourism attraction integrating cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment, catering and accommodation, and conference and business, and with Hakka folk culture and ecology and culture of health preserving as the theme.

Geteng'ao Film and Television Village



Ancient villages, simple and unsophisticated old buildings, quaint old roofs, long streets incomparable in the contemporary ear, and unique folk shops and workshops, reveal traces of Hakka ancestors, bearing the imprints of a thousand years of Hakka history and reproducing Geteng'ao's stories. This is the location shooting base of the large-scale Hakka cultural TV series "A Long Journey to the South" (in Chinese, "大南迁", formerly named as " Geteng'ao ") —Moon Creek Film and Television Village.



Moon Creek Geteng'ao Film and Television Village mainly adopts architectural styles of the late Tang Dynasty and early Song Dynasty, borrowing useful elements from the painting "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival", traditional Chinese paintings in Tang Dynasty, as well as distinctive modern local Hakka buildings. And the earthen buildings integrate north and south culture, using earth and rubble in the north to reproduce earthen buildings in history, and bringing people back to Geteng'ao, the birthplace of the Hakka a thousand years ago.

Wang Zhaicheng Folk Customs Village



Thousands of pieces of art and collections are displayed in the village, including exhibits of long-standing folk customs, red culture, and educated youth era. These exhibits are displayed according to different categories. People can walk into the gallery of history to feel the fleeting time. History is just history, only art and memory of the future generations can become more and more precious over time.

Night scene  


Numerous lights and ripples, together with twinkling stars in the night sky, reveal boats shuttling in the water and flickering mountains. Combining wonderful lighting effects, Moon Creek spares no effort to build "an island with lights on fishing boat turned on all night", moon-admiring boats with cultural charm, colorful folk lanterns, and campfire dance involving a  thousand dancers, thus offering tourists from all around the world with a visual feast of "fishing lights lightening the entire river".

Bamboo forest inn


The Bamboo forest inn in Moon Creek can filter people's troubles and fickleness with lush bamboo sea and moist air. Neighboring green mountains and green water, these cottages are like a huge natural exhibition hall, absorbing natural ecological essence to provide you with the first-class air round the clock.