"Maldives": Pingtan Travel

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:35:33
Way Attractions: Tannanwan Shipaiyang Longfengtou Bathing Beach

My roommate told me that Pingtan is very beautiful and people there are simple and honest. As China's fifth largest island, Pingtan is known as "Small Maldives" in Fujian, with the shortest distance between the mainland and Taiwan. So I decided to travel Pingtan during Qingming Festival.
We took a train to Fuzhou, and then went to Pingtan by bus (fare: RMB 50, about two hours). The journey was very smooth all the way. When we arrived at Pingtan, we lived in a street near the Longfengtou Batching Beach.
Please note: At each scenic spot, you need to return to the place where you get off the bus before 5:30 p.m. to take the last bus back to the county.
After visiting each spot, you must return to the county, and then depart from the county for the next.
Pingtan County has two stations: a big station has buses to the Tan'nan Bay, and a small station has buses to the "East Ocean Wonderland" and "Banyang Rock Sail".
First Day:
First Stop: Mount Jiangjun (the General)-Entrance ticket: RMB 10/visit
After a bus trip probably less than 30-minutes starting from Pingtan bus station, we arrived at Mount Jiangjun, the site of the 1996 military exercise. It was said that there were more than one hundred generals observing and commanding the military exercise here, hence the name.


The reverence toward the site arises spontaneously!


Second Stop: Tan'nan Bay
 Tan'nan Bay, with blue sky and ocean, golden beach...
We saw the fishing teams returning fully loaded, and we saw their cheerful faces.图片3.png


Sitting on the beach, we enjoyed the sea breeze and the sunset, and forgot all troubles. Such beautiful scenery attracts people to stay here quietly without doing anything and forget to leave.图片5.pngNext, we went to look for fine food. We like to find local special snacks when we go to somewhere. In a street near the bus station, we accidentally saw the 13th Sister Xianshi (十三妹咸时店) mentioned in the Travel Guide. So we went back after getting off and found the store. We found there were many people waiting there for Xianshi (a special snack of Pingtan). Xianshi tastes good, but don't eat too much because it's greasy.


Fish noodle:


Yi Tuan He Qi:


Second Day
Third Stop: Shi Bei Yang (Banyang Rock Sail)
After 10 a.m., we got ready to visit the renowned scenic spots of Pingtan, Banyang Rock Sail. We took a motorcycle taxi to the small bus station, and then took a small bus to Suao at a fare of RMB 7. After arriving in Suao Town, we took a motorcycle taxi to Banyang Rock Sail. The admission ticket and round-trip passage ticket cost RMB 40.图片9.png

Fourth Stop: Changjiang'ao Wind Power Station

Changjiang'ao Wind Power Station is located in Luyang Town, actually halfway to Suao. At Luyang Town, we took a motorcycle taxi to the beach, because the beach is the best site to watch the wind power station.图片10.png图片11.png

Fifth Stop: Dongjia Island
After 1 p.m., we went back to Pingtan County, and then took a minibus to Liushui Town to visit East Ocean Wonderland. The entrance ticket is RMB 15. I planned to camp here, because I heard that a lot of people camp here. I had never camped before, so I was really excited. The next day, I could watch the sunrise. What a pleasure.图片12.png图片13.png

Here, I met a lot of friends from various places. Chatting with them was really pleasant.


Third Day
Sixth Stop: In the morning, we planned to visit Longfengtou Beach. But the entrance ticket was RMB 50 and we thought it was expensive. Besides, watching from the entrance and nearby areas, we could almost see the beach. So we didn't enter the scenic spot but went to nearby beach.图片15.png图片16.png

Strolling in the quiet Pingtan Island, we enjoy its folk culture together. It's a very comfortable experience to touch the increasingly brilliant stone houses with the flow of time and quietly walk in the sunny afternoon. Lying on the soft sand beach with the salty sea breeze blowing, we see the busy local fishermen with big smile. Yells, sounds of sea wind, seagull songs... We can even hear our own breath sounds.