Zhao'an Shijiaotong - Heaven of Outdoor Sports

Release time : 2015-12-04 20:35:57
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River trekking to today is a niche outdoor sport. It is exciting, common and even a bit of dangerous. I think that's why many tour lovers cannot say no to this cool sport.

Does it look like a bucket? This is Shijiaotong, a valley hidden in a small village of Zhao'an Zhangzhou, and an ideal place for river trekking. 


Zhao'an in about two or three million years ago was covered by dense white snow just like the South Pole and Greenland ice sheet. Fierce clash, movement and grinding of ice layers have left pits as similar as stone mortar in the South China for rice pounding. 


When the vehicle stopped in the village, we walked up the hills, deep into the woods. Hats, scarves, umbrellas and sun-protective clothing were well-prepared and wore to block strong sunlight. As we climbed along the passage, a stream gradually unfolded ahead with stones of various sizes lying in the water. The higher we went, the bigger the stream was.


Everyone was excited for river trekking on such a hot summer day. Leave alone all those chores and enjoy yourself with clear water in the valley! Isn't it great?!


At noon, the sun seemed baked our skin, and we luckily found a small cave for lunch. It was less a cave than a sunken space piled with some big stones. Branches and leaves on the top helped us effectively block burning sunlight. After lunch, we enjoyed fruits and snacks while making tea.


Though the sun was hot outside, it was very cool in the cave with gentle breeze blowing. Sunlight penetrated through dense leaves into the cave, creating dreamy radiance. I sat against the wall and got in a daze. That's fantastic!QQ截图20151204203349.jpg

A cascade nearby.


River trekking is very exciting, but a bit of dangerous. There are also some ideal trekking sites for the public. Why not invite tour partners or friends for an interesting experience!

Shijiaotong is located in the Hunei Village near Jiuhou Mountain Scenic Spot, Zhao'an, Fujian. The vehicle will stop in a small village called Dongkengwei in Jinxing, Zhao'an, and you can only arrive at the destination through winding trails. 

Add.: Hunei, Jinxing, Zhao'an County, Zhangzhou, Fujian

Self-driving tour:

1. Shenyang-Haikou Expressway: Veer off the expressway at Zhao'an South Exit to Shenqiao Intersection, drive 200 m eastward Zhao'an County, and turn left. Jiuhou Mountain is 15m away.

2. National Highway: Take 324 Highway to Shenqiao Intersection, drive 200 m eastward Zhao'an County, and turn left. Jiuhou Mountain is 15m away. 

DIY tour:

At the exit of Zhao'an Railway Station, take bus to Zhao'an Bus Terminal.

Zhangzhou Coach Terminal - Zhao'an Bus Terminal - Jiuhou Mountain

Motorcycle: Stop at Gongzidian, and take motorcycle to Jiuhou Mountain. 


Gourmet: Farm-style food like duck soup and wild crucian carp, both of which are available in the village. For river trekking, you can only take solid food and cookers to experience different fun.

A one-day trip (night stay excluded) is recommended for river trekking in Shijiaotong, and you can stay overnight in Zhao'an.